About Scan American

Scan American is a leading provider of seafood flavors and ingredients. Scan American offers a wide range of specialty ingredients in savory flavors, high value flavored seasonings, premixes and custom design blends. As the market for value added seafood flavors and ingredients develops, Scan American provides the culinary touch for creating new and innovative products.

For decades, Scan American has studied and cataloged the "Tastes of the Sea," and provides the international "World Menu" cuisines for an authentic culinary experience.

Scan American's high quality seafood flavors, ingredients and custom designed blends have been supplied to the food industry for more than fifty years. Scan American's experience with international and domestic sales gives us the ability to serve you worldwide.

Company History

Scan American is a company represented by over fifty years of creative flavor experience, consisting of highly trained individuals in the art and science of flavor chemistry. Our dedication to the food industry spans three generation of commitment to product integrity, development and customer service. Our products are developed through state of the art technology, combined with the dedication to quality that provide you with the consistency, service and performance that you deserve.

In a business dynamic as the food industry, five decades is a long time indeed. But from the time that "TV dinners" were a new idea, to the microwave age, one flavoring company has been quietly behind success after success. Scan American Food Company. In many ways, we're very distinct from today's "giants" in flavors.

We are smaller, yes, but only in size. Our "big ideas" stand behind some of the most innovated successful foods on today's supermarket shelves. And our customers range from the small processors who gave us our start, and to whom we remain loyal, to some of the largest names in the processed foods industry.

Our Mission

Scan American's customers can consistently depend on ever-improving products and ingredient system. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality taste, aroma, appearance and functionality in flavors and ingredients.

We honestly care about your satisfaction, from the routine request to meeting your special product development needs or solving an "unexpected" problem. We take great pride in our products and service, and welcome the opportunity to assist you with your food flavoring needs.

You can be certain that Scan American will consistently provide you with the highest level of quality in the products we offer.

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